New to us?

We'd really like to meet you and your pet! On your first visit, we'll introduce you to staff and help your beloved companion get to know us a little better. Print the coupon below and bring it with you for your first visit, and we'll take ten dollars off your pet's first office visit!

Finally, a low cost and healthy alternative to expensive pet-store treats. We know how much joy is exchanged between you and your pet every time you give a treat. How do we know? Because we have pets, too! And it can be so hard to resist those big brown eyes and cute little whimper sounds (ahem…begging!). We also know human food and many pet-store treats contain ingredients our pet’s don’t need or can be downright dangerous.

Good News! Introducing Royal Canin Dental Diet for Cats and Dogs By using this kibble as a special treat:

  • Your pet is still receiving a treat from your loving hand. So, you’ll still get to exchange those feelings of joy and appreciation.
  • Your pet’s oral health will benefit from the unique kibble structure that helps prevent tartar build-up with every crunchy bite. One of our clients said, “It’s Like an Edible Toothbrush!”
  • You save money! A bag of kibble (when used as treats – giving only a few treats per day) lasts a long time.

We are so certain your pet will love their new treats we’re giving you a 25% coupon and a 100% money-back guarantee.
Just bring along or mention this coupon to our receptionist during checkout.