The B.E.A.R. Fund

The B.E.A.R. Fund (Bring Each Animal Relief) was created in memory of our beloved clinic dog and family member Bear. Bear was brought to the clinic in 2001 with a broken front leg by an owner who was ready to dispose of him.

Instead of euthanizing him, Dr. Streit performed surgery to fix the broken front leg and then neuter him. During his initial recovery, Dr. Streit also diagnosed Bear with Parvo. After almost 10 days of intense treatment, 3 weeks of additional quarantine, prayers and love, Bear survived and eventually became a hero in the clinic to many of our patients.

Bear saved the life of 166 of his fellow dogs suffering from Parvo and other diseases by providing plasma and blood for transfusions. Not only did he provide the needed blood or plasma, he did it willingly and with great honor. As soon as he smelled Parvo in an exam room, he knew what was needed and would jump up on the exam table and get into position for his blood to be drawn while tests were performed.

Bear did this without prompting, help or restraint. He knew that his role in life was to provide the necessary fluids that his friend and companion Dr. Streit needed to save animals, just like Dr. Streit had once saved him.

We created The B.E.A.R. Fund to carry forward the legacy, love and compassion that Bear showed towards his fellow pets. Please join us in helping the animals in need in our area!

Make YOUR tax-deductible donation today by visiting and clicking on the “The B.E.A.R Fund”

Those helped by your donation include, but are not limited to:
• Local animal victims of abuse or neglect
• Injured or abandoned local animals found by Good Samaritans
• Elderly clients needing limited assistance for pet care*
• Disabled veterans in need of care for their service dog*
• Pet owners experiencing medical challenges or financial hardships*

*Clients must fill out an application, meet certain requirements, and will be responsible for a small portion of the invoice.
The B.E.A.R. Fund is operated through the AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, the charitable arm of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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