Holly, Practice Manager

Holly has been the practice manager of All Creatures Veterinary Clinic for 14 years. She also works for Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Concord University. Holly is married to Bill and they have one daughter, Kathryn. She is also the proud owner of 4 dogs, 12 cats and Juno (pictured), her two-legged Chihuahua.

Mimi, Administrative Assistant

Mimi has spent the last 10 years working in various positions in office settings and customer service. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from Bluefield State College. In her spare time, Mimi enjoys gardening, cooking, and crafting stained glass art. She has 4 cats: Pig, Timothy, Sterling, and Mau. Her dog is named Hershel.

Lenore, Receptionist

Lenore was born and raised in Spanish Wells, Bahamas. She came to the U.S. to attend college, and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1992. She has worked as a receptionist and medical records clerk for over 20 years, and joined All Creatures in September 2010. She is married with one daughter, and her furry family includes her dog Oscar (Boston Terrier/Corgi Mix), and her cats: Fluffy (15 years old) and Finnegan (2 years old). Here she is pictured with Noah, the clinic Quaker parrot.

Jennifer, Receptionist

Jennifer joined All Creatures in January 2015. She has been a veterinary receptionist for over 14 years. She was raised in McDowell County and moved to Mercer County in 1990. She and her husband and son as well as two dogs, Buddy (Golden Retriever) and Emma(terrier mix) reside in Speedway.

Katy, Receptionist

Katy is part of the administrative team at All Creatures as a receptionist. Katy will complete her degree in sociology, with a double-minor in English and pre-law from Concord University in spring 2016. Katy’s family includes her mother, father and grandmother, as well as numerous animal siblings. She also has a rabbit named Fairly, a dog named Violet and a cat named Tank (pictured). Katy’s hobbies include reading, writing, music, movies, running, dance and volleyball.