Pain Management

One of the most difficult areas of veterinary medicine is pain management. Pain in humans is subjective meaning that one person may feel pain differently than the next person. In animals, pain is more objective and is hard to identify because animals have a natural instinct to hide their pain from others.

It is a throwback to the days of not wanting a potential predator to see weakness. All Creatures Veterinary Clinic uses several signs and observations to identify the type of pain a pet may be experiencing.

Acute pain is usually the result of a recent illness, injury or surgery. This type of pain management is usually a high but short term dose to keep your pet pain free. Chronic pain can be the result of arthritis, degenerative joint disease and even cancer. This form of pain management is usually a lower but longer term dosage of pain medication and steroid treatment.

Some signs to observe in your pet if you suspect they may be experiencing pain is loss of appetite, problems sitting and standing, lack of interest in their usual activities and in extreme cases, aggressive behavior at their owners when they come near. If you think that your pet is suffering from pain then please call All Creatures Veterinary Clinic for a full examination of your loved animal companion by one of our doctors.

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