Radiowave Surgery

How does radiowave surgery work? An electrode tip becomes energized by the radio waves but does not become as hot.

The ultra high frequency radio waves provide specific and delicate tissue interaction. This results in a focused cutting and coagulating effect, which disintegrates and volatilizes single cells, minimizing the amount of tissue destruction. Healing is rapid and painless with formation of supple tissue identical to surrounding normal tissue.

What are the benefits of radiowave surgery? No contact is needed between the neutral plate and the patient, eliminating the possibility of burns or shocks.

There is no risk of accidentally burning other areas of tissue through reflection or penetration of a light beam (as with laser). Radiowave surgery provides a tactile, but pressureless, incision which allows the doctor to sense what he/she is cutting. Radio frequency energy is low-temperature, minimizing the occurrence of tissue necrosis and burning (less heat than with laser).

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